Glendon Scott
Group Creative Director
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Vegas Bound


Vegas Bound

It was the recession, and the headlines were not being kind to Las Vegas. The country was hearing about casino construction being put on hold and shows and restaurants closing. So we wanted to show them they could still get the Vegas vacation they were expecting.

We couldn’t fake it. We had to really show what was happening in Las Vegas. So we looked for a town that really needed a break. And that’s how we brought the entire town of Cranfills Gap, Texas (POP. 358) to Vegas for the ultimate getaway.



Over the course of ten days on the ground in Texas, and four non-stop days in Vegas (including a freak blizzard), We filmed five distinct storylines that matched with different Vegas-visitor personas. That content was posted episodically on YouTube and the microsite. Here, we combined all the film to create a feature doc that I think will really show the heart of Cranfills Gap.

It’s a long one. And posted here for posterity.